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Creating an Ethical Culture

It's great to see a growing recognition of the values that Leadership International has championed for many years and with signficant success in businesses such as Luminus Group in Cambridgeshire.

As a direct result of Leadership International's "Third Millennium Leadership" programmes, Luminus twice hit the No.2 spot on The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For, achieved recognition for several years as one of the UK's best employers, with outstanding levels of employee engagement, high customer approval ratings and a cabinet-full of other notable awards.

The creation of an ethical culture is a core component of such a successful business strategy. In "The five steps you must follow to create an ethical culture" the author proposes:

1. Walk the talk – be a role model

2. Incorporate ethics into hiring, promotion and reward

3. Don’t allow double standards

4. Communicate your expectations

5. Promote a speak up culture

- concluding

"It may seem obvious that ethical transformation begins with leadership. However, in practice, senior executives and Board members too often view ethics and compliance as a niche functional concern, or a series of talking points, or a hindrance to strategy and growth; and this viewpoint impedes efforts at reform. Incentivising ethical conduct is an essential component of infusing integrity throughout the fabric of your organisation; in the long run, it will make for a more profitable, resilient, and sustainable business."

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