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National Business Awards Employer of the Year

Sunday Times 2010 Best Companies to Work For - No.1 for Leadership

Change the world for the better – right where you are! 

Dr Chan Abraham established Leadership International in 1993 to energise a renaissance of leadership based on his transforming principles of 3rd Millennium Leadership©.  He believes passionately that leaders’ prime accountability is to help leave the world a better place than when they entered it.

In a career of entrepreneurship and innovation starting in 1974, with experience in business, government, politics and faith communities, Dr Abraham has developed an approach to leadership that produces guaranteed results - in the leader, the people they lead, the organisations in which they work and in the wider framework of communities in which they operate.  His 3rd Millennium Leadership© transforms the perspectives of both leaders and led and, in doing so, delivers wider transformation.

The foundation of this unique approach has been established in real-world experiences – both good and bad.  Building on a successful public service career across seven major UK organisations in London, Hampshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire, Dr Abraham set up Luminus Group with 7,000 homes in March 2000, which he led as Group Chief Executive until 2017.  During this period, Luminus was publicly recognised for consistently high levels of business performance, customer satisfaction and employee motivation. Built on his 3rd Millennium Leadership© principles, the company led the way for socially responsible business, focusing on providing homes for over 50,000 people, employment and real estate services, building supportive communities and creating hope for a sustainable future.

Under his leadership Luminus won a cabinet-full of prestigious awards.  Though a mainly non-profit business, Luminus twice hit the No. 2 spot in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For, competing against worthy commercial giants, and setting a record that has not been equalled by any non-profit competitor.  Adding to this success, he has received The Sunday Times Special Leadership Award, ‘Top CEO’ and other Employer of the Year accolades.   He believes that the success of any enterprise is fundamentally driven by how engaged its people are – and that ultimately can only be delivered by engaged, ethical leadership.

 Dr Abraham is recognised as a passionate advocate of inspirational leadership and widely sought as a public speaker and adviser, having successfully led multi-agency initiatives, in health, crime reduction, community envelopment, regeneration, diversity and economic development, while also managing extensive organisational and cultural change.  He has generated other inspirational activities, among them Transform Work UK, a charity focused on inspiring faith to help change the workplace, and Daybreak Community Church to reach out in practical ways to help local communities find help and hope. Dr Abraham also has sought to influence positive change in various organisations, including being an NHS non-executive director, trustee of various charities, probation board member, school governor and a variety of other voluntary leadership roles.

He believes there’s much to be done and has laid down the challenge of his 2020 Vision: The Road to Renewal©.  This, he asserts, is the only answer to the desperate plea in most people’s hearts for the mending of a broken world. He is confident that 3rd Millennium Leaders are the ones who will provide the model of inspiration and encouragement – as expressed in one of his favourite straplines – “demonstrating a more excellent way”.

Through Leadership International, and in partnership with others of like mind, Dr Chan Abraham is committed to helping you to change the world – right where you are!

“Through Leadership International we are seeking to secure hope and practical help in our world by engaging with leaders across the spectrum of decision-making. My commitment is to strengthen 3rd millennium leadership by actively encouraging, supporting and mentoring great leaders."

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