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Road and horizon


Against a backdrop of declining aspiration, optimism and faith that we can build a better world, Leadership International's 2020 Vision is an ambitious and ground-breaking challenge for anyone who wants to change the world right where you are.  


Although the status quo brings the comfort of familiarity, no one would argue that we have made our world as good as it can get.  Yet leaders of all types of organisations and enterprises appear content to live as though that is their fundamental belief.  In the West, and the UK in particular, there is great embarrassment about outgoing, outspoken and overt expressions that virtually all aspects of modern society are broken in some way.  It is easy to buy into the idea that culture's shifting sands dictate the right way to live. Traditional values, especially courtesy, fairness and respect, have no place in this brave new world, as the custodians of new value systems impost their views and preferences upon the generally silent majority.


Leadership International's 2020 Vision is a call to courage, to commitment and to action.


We have rallied around a fundamental concept that we can, and should, do more to inspire, persuade and lead our people, our customers, the agencies and other stakeholders that we work with, to stand up and to seek  "to make goodness fashionable", as William Willberforce, the great 19th century slavery abolitionist vowed,  Just as he and others stood for the best in human society, so Leadership International seeks to encourage leaders and influencers also to make this stand and, in resisting the ills of society, to strive for a better future for individuals, families, neighbourhoods, communities and nations.


Our 2020 Vision is by any standard a tough challenge. To help us make sense of what needs to be achieved and to be clear about the progress being made to realise this ambition, we mapped out the journey: this is The Road to Renewal.

Aspects of this may vary according to the individual, the organisation or the enterprise. Leadership International can help you to identify your vision, programme of action and indicators of success. Get in touch to find out more.

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