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At time when British citizens were hoping that the madness in Westminster could not worsen, Penny Mordaunt, another child-collaborator of the super-rich-egotists-power-seeking club of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is in the process of formalising state sponsored mind control for all in Parliament and others who access the House of Commons library.

Utilising the cover of a gross lie – that those involved in the metaphorical book-burning are impartial – Mordaunt and her apparatchiks will rule on what is true and false, with a particular bent towards so-called ‘conspiracy theories’.

This extraordinary further example of Government overreach reveals the corruption in Parliament, our British Parliamentary system and political parties as now so deeply rooted that there is no alternative other than to have A Great Reset in order to #TakeBackDemocracy.

A true hashtag#PeoplesParliament governed by hashtag#Independents reflecting values such as expressed by hashtag#TheIndependentAlliance is essential to remove this rottenness, now so clearly visible in the likes of Mordaunt & Co.

#TrueIndependents are needed to save Britain from becoming a complete repeat – but much worse – of the failed, disgraced human rights- denying-and-abusing Communist regimes under which the world so terribly and tragically has suffered.

See Free Speech Union article here:

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