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The remarkable, true story of antagonists on both sides – British, French and German – engaged in the first months of the bitter, bloody World War I on Christmas Eve, 1914, ceasing fire, and then, over the next 36 hours sharing food, gifts and games together in No Man’s Land, displaying their common humanity, and singing ‘Silent Night’ continues to inspire and a signal to us all in 2023.

Their message is that WE must stand against the dominating forces of a small minority that are determined yet to keep us in a state of perpetual war and distress.

These malevolent ones - inhabiting the WEF, WHO, UN, many governments and NGOs - carry the DNA of the callous disregard of human life displayed in the appalling conduct of those running the War.

“The high commands on both sides ordered an end to the truce when they heard of it. George Ashurst described how unpopular this made them.

We got orders come down the trench, ‘Get back in your trenches every man,’ by word of mouth down each trench; ‘Everybody back in your trenches,’ shouting.

The generals behind must’ve seen it and got a bit suspicious so what they did, they gave orders for a battery of guns behind us to fire, and a machine gun to open out and officers to fire their revolvers at the Jerries. ‘Course that started the war again.

Ooh we were cursing them to hell, cursing the generals and that, you want to get up here in this stuff never mind your giving orders, in your big chateaux and driving about in your big cars. We hated the sight of the bloody generals.” (Extract courtesy of The Imperial War Museum)

That dreadful war continued for another four years. Millions perished and yet within 20 years, a second awful conflict was brewing that would result in even greater loss of life and a map of nations that would set them at each other’s throats for the rest of the century, and beyond.

As before, these events were and are being orchestrated by those drunk on the desire for power, domination, and death.

Nothing has changed.

From the 1950s onwards, those who had been involved in manipulating the tragedies of earlier years, continued to live at ease in the US, Canada and South America. Now the clandestine operations of those determined to subjugate nations would continue.

With the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963 these sinister actors introduced sophisticated programmes to control how people thought, bought and lived – all the while giving a veneer of freedom, liberty and justice.

2020 was the watershed for the Western world, for then we began to see more clearly the agenda - one that shows us their road map in Agenda, 2021 and Agenda 2030.

2020 was the watershed for the Western world, for then we began to see more clearly the agenda - one that shows us their road map in Agenda, 2021 and Agenda 2030.

Most of us want peace. Most want to live in harmony with others. Most want to be free, to decide where to go, how to live how to think, and what to say, all the while, being mindful of doing no harm to others and being true.

Whoever it was who took the first step of Christmas Eve 1914 around 12 noon to step out of the safety of their trench and go and greet their enemies was a brave man.

Let’s display that courage as we go into 2024, standing together to defeat the presence of evil that is now in plain sight.

The musical video here* is an evocative version of the thoughts of some of the English soldiers. In a trench hearing their German counterparts singing the much loved Christmas Carol “Silent Night” that may have been the trigger for the informal truce that took place.

How wonderful that the birth of a baby, king of all, brought Peace on Earth to those muddy and bloody trenches, be it ever so briefly, in that time of dreadful war.

*Celtic Thunder "Christmas 1915" see

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