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What on Earth has happened to Western civilisation? There has been a concerted attack on childhood since the 1980s; a determined attempt to make children grow up much earlier than they should, with bombardments from media especially directed towards young girls. But in the past couple of years this cancerous growth in our culture has metastasised into a full blown indoctrination of their young minds and assault on their bodies.

In any society, children are the most dependent members. They have no inherent power for self-protection—no means to ensure that their lives will be safe, comfortable, or fulfilling.

Western governments are determined to change the essence of humanity by attacking children from three years old. Private interest groups with a particular ideology are being funded by our taxes to pressure children into belief systems that fundamentally undermine human reality. Parents are excluded from any meaningful consultation or discussion. The State seeks to own the minds and bodies of the young.

All the evidence about what happens later in life to children

who receive this indoctrination reveals serious, sometimes fatal, repercussions.

However, as an example of the resistance to this cultural perversion, a courageous group of Welsh mothers and fathers are taking the Welsh government before the courts. Whether justice is done for the sake of the children is in the balance.

It is time to recognise that Western governments are not benign custodians of the public good. They are following a playbook, in lockstep with an unforgiving one world order religion. Their mantra is not hidden; all have seen it trumpeted since 2020: ‘Build back better’.

Little children are singularly reliant on the love, care, and nurture of others for their most basic needs. They must cry out even though they may not know exactly what they need. They must trust their lives to someone who is more powerful than they, and, hopefully, they will be heard and lovingly cared for.

We must save our children.

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