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At a time when it is clear that a small minority of people globally are seeking to possess, not only the totality of our resources, but humanity itself for their own gratification and gain, the story below (thanks to Flex Luther) is the true telling of life, as we should be living it.

One anthropologist once offered the children of the African tribe to play a game... He put a basket of delicious fruit near the tree and told them: ′′ The first person who runs to the tree will receive a basket."

When he gave them a signal to start, he was surprised that the children walked all together, holding hands, they reached the tree together and split the fruit equally!

When he asked them why you did that, after all, each of you had the opportunity to grab the whole basket with a tzelik!

The children were surprised to answer: ′′ Ubuntu."

′′ I mean, how can you be happy while others are unhappy?"

Ubuntu in their civilization means: (I am, because WE are).

This tribe knows the secret of happiness lost in all societies that surpass them and consider themselves civilized.......!!

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