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America’s Founding Fathers well knew the corrupting power that being in government gives to men and women. so they wrote their brilliant Constitution. Sadly, their government has gone rogue.

Britain also has a constitution. It also is written.

Like the US, government in Britain also has gone rogue.

It is time for The Free People of Great Britain, lawfully, peacefully, and constitutionally, to retrieve government from those that have acted against The People, enacting repugnant laws, and engaging in treasonous practice.

Given all that has transpired and has come to light since 2020, it is appalling that so many fellow citizens yet sleep, and doubt the possibility that Government, Parliament and Public Institutions could possibly work against The People.

But that, precisely, is what has happened and is happening. Consider carefully “The King’s Speech” and what they are planning to do.

However, the first and prime task of the Monarch (who is 'first among equals' but not in any sense superior to his Fellow People of Britain) is to serve The People by ensuring their Sovereignty is protected. Any act by any person, domestic or foreign, requires him swiftly, unequivocally and intentionally to act FOR THE PEOPLE.

He must act to restrain the evils of government.

Freedom in our nation came at a great price to our forebears. It is shameful to see so many fellow Britons still contending against their memory by choosing to believe The Lies.

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