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Find a leader who isn't failing and/or falling: Ardern from New Zealand; Sturgeon from Scotland; Macron from France; Trudeau from Canada; Joe Biden from USA. And the past-their-shelf-life, has-been examples some of who still meddle, such as Hilary Clinton, Angela Murkel, Liz Truss, Boris Johnson, Barack Obama... Each of these has serious Character Flaws. The most obvious is deception, that began with self-deception and led to deceiving others. Each had a degree of attractiveness to others. Snake-oil salesmen in 19th century America needed some to believe them in order to peddle their falsehoods. So with these - and far too many others. But each reader can judge whether they were Leadership Failures or Successes? The fact remains: Character in a Leader is crucial to the wellbeing of those they purport to lead. None of these attained that standard. #charactermatters #renaissanceofleadership #leadership

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