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The case of a toddler who died as a result of prolonged exposure to 'extensive' mould in his Mother's social housing flat is the latest high-profile example of the dreadful cost of leadership failure. The tragedy and pain will be so great for the parents.

Yet, British taxpayer-funded public services (in this instance Rochdale council, but local government more generally), as well as the housing association sector, have become preoccupied with false and flawed notions of “diversity”, spending vast sums on indoctrination (such policing “correct” pronouns; demanding equality of “outcomes” over “opportunity”; enforcing RSE for primary age children in flagrant disregard of parents’ rights).

Taxpayer money pours into a social housing regulatory organisation, with the public unaware that this it is run by highly paid executive pen pushers and a board, sitting in remote offices or on their sofas at home, but who have virtually zero frontline housing experience; who shuttle between their “gamekeeper” role and taking lucrative jobs as “poachers” on boards and in top executive roles in housing associations. Inevitably they turn a blind ey

e to their friends’ failings. As with much of public policy, they are driven by Big State approach, intent on removing local accountability as they drive housing associations relentlessly into huge, remote organisations.

The cycle is made complete by them working with a select group of consultants and law firms, paying them from public money and tenants’ rents, propping up an esoteric regime that few understand. It’s a delicious gravy train that has been serving them well for many years.

There are solutions. Sadly, despite the seriousness of this tragedy, most will look in the wrong places.

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