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Here is a picture giving another poignant message that reveals the utter hypocrisy of those calling for electrification of normal modes of transport. A young child labours, carrying a huge and heavy basket in order to sift out tiny grains of elements needed to to run electric vehicles.

The gratingly-vocal minority pushing for electric vehicles have by stealth and deviance become embedded within decision-making in governments, bureaucracies, the BBC and other usual suspects in the corporate media.

They will not engage with rational discussion about the appalling human cost, discussion, that is fundamental to a functioning, healthy, pluralistic, liberal democracy.

Yet they lecture others on “saving the planet”.

Their bald-faced lies must be exposed; and all people of good conscience should oppose the racist and corrupt actions driven by their ideological madness that perpetuates such human misery, propped up by child labour and modern day slavery.

Lest anyone misrepresent my message: I confirm we must steward our natural resources wisely and care for our Earth-Home.

But let’s first focus on caring for The People for whom the Earth was created and exists.

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