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Blue Monday or Glorious Monday?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

I have always believed that work is to be enjoyed and not merely endured.

And that is one of the reasons why I introduced "Glorious Monday" in Luminus, the UK's top award-winning business when it came to the most inspired and motivated people at work!

"Luminus beats the blues with Glorious Monday

On Blue Monday, the day billed as the most depressing Monday of the year, Luminus has turned the tables and celebrated Glorious Monday with gifts and singing.

During their lunch break every employee received a slice of cake and a cracker with the label ‘Seize the Day’ to encourage them to ‘have a cracking day.’ Teams gathered to pull their crackers and sing Auld Lang Syne creating a sense of everyone working together to help bring great service to others.

Luminus Group Chief Executive, Chan Abraham said,

“At Luminus we had already started 2011, our Year of Rescuing Dreams and Reviving Aspirations with a great sense of commitment to our customers and communities.

On this occasion we wanted to encourage our to continue being positive and optimistic even when ‘experts’ seem to be telling the British public to be miserable. We all have the power to change the world where we are for the better and Glorious Monday reminds us to seize every day.

Times are tough for everyone and will get more difficult but we will do our best to help and support others by maintaining a positive outlook and seeking to give the very best in service that we can.”

Well that was 2011.

So, here we are in 2020 and all our workplaces need to have even more inspiration than ever before!

How is it going to happen?


The key is in having people who,

- themselves inspired;

- motivated for the good of those that they lead; and

- not merely the activity at the "bottom line"

lead their organisations and people

- without ego;

- with passion for the goal; and

- with a commitment to being a "servant leader".

(Original news cutting from 24 Housing, January 26, 2011)

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