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Service, self-sacrifice & great endeavour

An energised life is one that brings blessing to others, but it comes at a cost.

What if you could find the secret for getting up each day knowing that you had a fountain of inner energy that would enable you to rise to all challenges with confidence and inspiration? Modern society is awash with drugs, self-help books and therapies to help us cope with life, but most overlook an age-old truth.

We all have partial or complete control about the priorities and goals we choose. Most people opt for ones that serve our own interests. However, an alternative is to select those that challenge us to live a life of service to others, self-sacrifice, where we lay our personal interests aside for their benefit, and great endeavour that focuses on helping create a better future for them. This approach has become increasingly unattractive in the developed world, where personal happiness has become the focus.

Priorities and goals that deliver only our own wellbeing have some merit, and do supply temporary fulfilment. But, by taking the alternative route we open ourselves up to an experience that is deeper, richer and more enduring. There is something about the way we are wired that means we begin really to live only when we chose this. Switching our thinking to do it creates a mental, emotional and spiritual system reboot, reshapes our outlook, and brings fresh energy to daily living.

This is the path less travelled. It isn’t easy. The journey has its ups and downs.

But the destination is worth it.

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