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Judge your priorities & goals

Most people fear others’ criticism in the present, but few think about how those who succeed us might view the way we lived.

In our information age, we are deeply interested in the past – how people lived, why they did what they did, what they felt, their hopes and fears, and what future they looked forward to for their children. It’s common for 3rd Millennium westerners to assume that we have arrived at the summit of knowing what really matters, and from that lofty place to view those who lived before us with condescension.

When we become part of history, what will be said about us? We’re familiar with the big figures of history, and we know about their failings and triumphs. Perhaps you feel that you’re too insignificant for people of the future to be interested. But think of how we now sift with fascination through the remains of bygone generations who have shaped our present. Similarly, the minor details of human experience, choices about little things along the pathway of life, and each decision – these are being recorded on the pages of history that you occupy. Over the expanse of the years, every family, community, culture and nation is influenced, for better or worse, by the acts and omissions of each individual.

That’s why self-appraisal about whether your priorities and goals are geared more to helping others along their life’s journey, rather than serving your personal interests is helpful. It can help you to see where you are today from the viewpoint of the future.

One day we certainly will be judged. It’s a wise person who takes the right action now.

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