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2017: A "Year of New Beginnings"

Welcome to 2017!

Few of us would pass by the opportunity to change something in our lives that weighs on our minds, or to seek to do something differently in the light of experience.

By theming 2017 ‘A Year of New Beginnings’ we are seeking to harness the potential for positive change that produces personal and public transformation. At a time when the challenges of our world are greater than any of us has previously experienced, we need ever more urgently to make rapid progress along The Road to Renewal.

There are no limits to how much good any individual or group can do to make our world better, to help rebuild peaceful and productive relationships and to encourage human flourishing. So each month of this calendar shows a road to remind us that it is our responsibility to seek to move forward, and to make the difference.

Together, we can change the world right where we are. Let’s do this in 2017!

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