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The 8 management competencies

  1. Strategic thinking

  • Ability to develop a clear vision of the future incorporating wide ranging organisational issues and long term thinking.

  1. Leadership

  • Provide a clear sense of direction and vision.

  • Maintain solid, organisational and ethical values in all work attitudes, and inspire others to do so as well.

  1. Motivating others

  • Enthuse others and facilitate successful goal achievement by promoting a clear sense of purpose, inspiring a positive attitude to work and strong commitment to succeed.

  1. Delegation

  • Effective use of staff and other resources.

  • Knowledge of when, how and who to delegate to.

  • Appropriate allocation of decision making and other responsibilities.

  1. Performance management

  • Actively help others to improve their performance.

  • When appropriate, clarify own expectations of performance and provide constructive feedback and advice.

  1. Decision making

  • The ability to make sound judgement and decisions that are in line with the needs of the business and inspire confidence in employees and customers.

  • Demonstrate the ability to close the loop, and upline the decision when appropriate to do so.

  1. Risk awareness

  • Demonstrate heightened awareness of risks to the business at all times.

  • Ensure the reputation of the company is upheld at all times and risks are kept to an absolute minimum.

  1. Dependability

  • Fully on board with the mission and prepared to challenge others appropriately.

  • Follow the company maxims and values.

  • Demonstrate high levels of personal accountability.

Taken from our Leadership Masterclass.

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