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The reality of life is that there is problem deep within human nature that manifests in treating others worse than we would want others to treat us. In the space of a few short years our Western world has deteriorated to an extent that even a decade ago we would not have conceived.

Discussions and protests around “protected characteristics” are a cynical and contrived deflection away from the truth, intended to produce confusion, corruption of human relations, and coercion into a narrative that fits a minority, and ultimately results in tyranny, oppression and enslavement by people who crave power and selfish pleasure.

That group of elites are the ones driving this engine of world-change.

Callously they use others, who genuinely may have a grievance or may be sincere in their sense of having been wronged, to rise up, protest and seek to overthrow traditional values and cultures. Part of this strategy is to remove the rights and opportunity for alternative views. The application of word endings such as “-ism”, “-phobe” are used as epithets against those not in agreement with the narrative.

Why didn’t we recognise that something was wrong when freedom to express opionions began to be banned? Or when the policing of pronouns entered the public space, at taxpayers’ expense? Didn’t we see that an essential part of being free and civilised was being arbitrarily removed?

Why weren’t we alert to the reality that universities were becoming centres of groupthink, and children were being indoctrinated rather than educated?

How is it that the alarm bells didn’t go off when we witnessed all our political parties agreeing that we should “build back better” and that there no longer was any real challenge within our parliamentary democracy?

Here is one simple observation that may elude most: the silent majority, who do not seek this kind of world-culture change, would be deemed “people of colour”. For sure there is transformation they seek; but not the type driven by the belligerent demands around “protected characteristics”.

There is an antidote to this malaise that primarily afflicts Western minds and culture, to be applied in four parts:

(1) wake up - there is more than what you think or perceive; (2) engage in free, open discussion without censoring, deplatforming, denigrating those with different, more traditional viewpoints; (3) use common sense; (4) recognise truth.

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