“Our primary goal is to build effective and sustainable leadership”

Leadership International aims to develop, support and inspire great leadership that is relevant, effective and sustainable, in business, government, politics and faith communities.

Dr. Chan Abraham Leaders above all others have the best chance of making a difference in the lives of ordinary people and leaving a positive legacy for the future. Yet so often we get it wrong. The models of leadership left to others are negative ones and the sad cycle continues.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There are examples of great leadership throughout history, and a few are around today. We need them desperately in order to renew hope in Britain. So what kind of leaders are we seeking?

We describe this as 3rd Millennium Leadership and believe there are three simple principles:

1. Leadership without ego - having a passion for what needs to be achieved rather than being focused on yourself
2. Value-centred leadership - having a sense of accountability so that you know you are serving a higher purpose
3. Servant leadership - being prepared to lay your life down for others.

3rd Millennium Leadership has been excellently modelled for us in the lives of a few in the past. We need 3rd Millennium Leaders today.
Someone has said, “The first task of the leader is to keep hope alive.” I am working to encourage the growth and development of leaders.

I am confident that we will see a Renaissance of Leadership, hope renewed and that we will make progress in Britain to achieve our 2020 Vision on The Road to Renewal.

Dr. Chan Abraham
Founder and President of Leadership International